Dr. Irene Fialka is CEO of INiTS, Vienna’s University Business Incubator (UBI) supporting entrepreneurs with R&D-based business ideas and university spin-offs. She has a background in genetics/molecular biology and has worked with startups since 2004. Under her leadership INiTS was awarded as one of the TOP global UBIs several times. INiTS’ startups are extremely successful in raising funds (12 x the average UBI-supported startup globally) and finding strategic partners. She personally worked with the founders of Apeptico, Lexogen, Marinomed (INiTS’ first IPO in 2019), mySugr, Origimm to name a few lifesciences startups.

She is also managing partner of aiming at driving change in healthcare by accelerating international healthcare startups together with partners such as Uniqa, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, etc.

She has co-founded in 2013, a network to increase the number and visibility of female investors, and, more recently, women in Health IT in order to balance the scales in this male-dominated sector.