Managing Director ELGA GmbH

Since 2017 managing director of ELGA GmbH. The graduated engineer is engaged in the health care system for more than 20 years. He started his career with developing and operating an international data exchange system for allograft rejection monitoring in heart transplant recipients. Later on at the Austrian Institute of Technology, he was project manager for various EU projects, and thus responsible for the implementation of medical research networks in support of numerous international multicentre clinical trials in the field of oncology research.

From 2011 onwards, he was as technical expert and program manager at the ELGA GmbH responsible for the development of the role-based authorization and access control system, a core component of the Austrian electronic health record ELGA, which is the foundation for the national e-health information exchange network. In 2017, Günter Rauchegger was appointed managing director of the ELGA GmbH and has since been working on the strategic expansion of ELGA towards a national e-health infrastructure.

As a member of the standardization body HL7-Austria and as a board member of IHE-Austria, he has a straight focus on international standardization with the goal of cross-system interoperability.