Martina Zöbl is a marketing, communication, and moderation professional with many years of experience in teaching, coaching, leading workshops and facilitating events. Due to her working experience in a wide variety of contexts worldwide, she has gained a vast range of knowledge and insight into diverse branches and businesses, such as, further & higher education, health, service industry culture & art, travel, tourism, hotels, and hospitality.

As a networking woman she enjoys meeting interesting people and listening to their life stories to learn from them. Martina’s’ mission is to connect knowledge with people. Her life experience and professional practice are the tools with which she accompanies students in the projects in cooperation with businesses to enable real-life, practical know. A strong believer in the power of self-optimization through a healthy way of thinking and living, she regularly practices yoga and meditates. One of her favorite sayings is "What you are seeking, is seeking you!"